Only a couple of days back, a neighbour told about an individual who is occupied with the service of the retreat centre “Father, that person is a fraud. He has praises in his tongue and deceit in his mind”. When you read this title many of the masked faces may come to your mind who have no connection with their prayers and deeds. This type of dangers in the spiritual level which is increasing around us will assist us in evaluating our self.

We, as a whole, are particularly masters in displaying devotion. To comprehend this, obviously, we only need to see the festivals which are going on in our parishes. We have incredible regard and commitment towards the Saints. Some have more confidence in the Saints than Jesus. On account of this, once a woman while watching “Passion of Christ” saw Jesus falling fast on ground, she shouted out “Gracious my Saint Anthony, please shield Jesus.” See that much we have changed. Lighting the candle, reciting rosaries and novenas, along with raising the hands in praising are the ways of expressing our devotion. We ought not restrict our spirituality in this. These days, all are keen on these sorts of practices. These things are not in touch with, our basic part of life. These kinds of practises will help us to grow more in spirituality. Spirituality should be linked to our heart and nature. Every petition ought to awaken our spirituality. Prayer should cleanse our nature. St Paul relates the sequence of this field, to analyse the life on the basis of love. How much we grow in experience of love, from that base, we can measure our spirituality. If we can share our love with others, from being what we are, that is our real spirituality. Jesus shared this love on the cross. St. Paul urges to “Follow the way of love” (1 Cor 14:1)

Our prayer should not be a channel to gain something. It should be  related to our life. In the event that it will wind up this way, whatever issues and circumstances we may confront we won’t be broken. Because we will be in relation to the person who has shared his love on cross. Let us change ourselves to be a giver who shares his love in the way of our journey. That will help us to cleanse our words and behaviour. Our life will become blessed for many people. Let us grow more and more in prayer with love.

Let’s catch the world with affection

Divine Truth

January 2019