We are in the month of January, the name derived from Janus, the two faced Greek God. We are in the first days of the New Year 2019 facing our future with hope and leaving behind our past with a smile and a mind full of gratitude. There are many among us who have taken new resolutions for the New Year. Also, there are some who haven’t taken any new resolution as they could not stand on their resolutions taken in the past.

We have to move on with full hope. For swimming, we need to have some shore of hope or else we may get exhausted. A comparable hope has been given to us by God the Father through Jesus. We should have the firm faith that Jesus is residing within us, who can’t be annihilated by any of our problems. On this earth whatever we lose other than Jesus is outside of us. None of it can obliterate the Jesus, who is living within. Jesus is the eternal pillar of hope. If you are man tossed by failure through the waves of the past year, amidst your failures, Jesus will give you victory. Our victory is not dependent on our talents or capabilities. St. Mother Teresa has said rightly, our call is not to be successful, but faithful.

The main hindrance in the journey of hope is your brooding over your past incidents and failures. Accept the gifts of this New Year which are zeal and justice. The story of Lot’s wife teaches us the beautiful story of never to look back into our past. She became a pillar of salt. Looking back towards our failures are surely having the capacity to make us also such pillars of salt. What is the advantage of blaming ourselves by looking into the past failures? It is always good for our health to believe that all that happened in the past was for our purification and growth. All those incidents have been counted for our growth somewhere. Even when we feel that there is only injury, still God has kept his love in that injury.

Let us learn from the past mistakes. All that has happened is not the end, but are opportunities. God starts from the point when man thinks as the end. When one door is closed in front of you, seven are opened. Things beyond our thoughts and desires! Let us recite along with the Psalmist “The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear him, and delivers them”(Ps 34:7). There is a musical instrument not being born from a bamboo piece not ready to be cut,  there is a statue not being sculpted from the stone not ready for hammered, new grains are lost when the seeds are not ready to be sown. Nothing marks the end, everything is a new beginning.

Wishes for a great year ahead.


Divine Truth

February 2019