As of late, discussions in the public forum are on the rise due to certain mishaps in the Catholic Church. A scary period where beyond the reality, the channel shows, face book, you tube and online news media are deciding upon a verdict. Whenever any priest or nun or a bishop in some part of the world stagger, the enemy (Satan) is giggling somewhere, when slogans are being raised in the streets, channel talk shows and associations.

Catholic Church will never cease to exist, when some priest or a nun or a bishop fails. This knowledge is very important. As out of the 12 disciples whom Jesus himself had chosen, one betrayed him and other openly denied him. From the annals of the Church history, we can see numerous betrayal stories. Has the Church been destroyed for that? Because the architect behind the human hands in building the church is Jesus. No human can destroy it. Many a times in the past when assaults were raised against the church and religious persecution was waving against it, it didn’t fall as a result of one single reason that Jesus was its chief. So when you hear such stories, don’t panic, instead bring up your hands in supplication.

I am not trying to legitimize the blame or to invalidate the prey. But this note is to make you realize that there is a foe whose intention is to battle against God and every single Godly thing. May the judiciary and the God, pronounce the judgement, if some among us fail. But when one attempts to slaughter the rat by burning the house, through the trial in the media, we should realize that we are crushing the basics of faith.

Satan is smartly intruding. He can even encroach into such people who are to become the standards of chastity and craft confusion. We have to deal this with prudence. Such talk shows are capable enough to get hospitals and schools closed, to stop confession and counselling, and to teach that the priests and nuns are wrong. This will specially influence weak people and the youth. So be vigilant. Satan is in fact, trying to destroy the foundation of the faith of the forthcoming generations. Henceforth, we should be cautious in our discussions, letters, likes and sharing. We ought not to become the stumbling stone in the faith of anyone. There is only one answer to the question, “Whom do you bolster”? I am with Jesus and the Church of which He is the architect.